April is all about Easter!  Ok… maybe not, but we all do love our Easter eggs and the joy and challenge of an easter egg hunt which then makes this month all about Easter 🙂
As a holiday, Easter brings people together to feast, play, enjoy family time and hunt for Easter eggs!  As this Easter approaches, we reflect on the changes that the past year has had on all of us.  Our normal family traditions may not be possible and this Easter, like last years’ easter, could be looking very different for you and your family. So how can we adapt to our current situation or create new traditions to gather and celebrate?

Trees don’t have to be just for Christmas.  In Germany, it’s traditional this time of year to collect a few small branches which are showing the signs of spring and bringing them into your home to decorate for Easter. These sprigs are propped up in a vase, with brightly coloured eggs hung from them, rabbit ornaments, and fluffy chick decorations.











This a good opportunity to not just get the kids away from electronic devices, it’s also a great way to show them that the garden’s more than just a place to kick a ball around. Start with something simple like daffodil bulbs or sunflower seeds and take it from there. Honestly, you don’t even need a garden for this. You can always start them off indoors and move them outside later if you want.


If you’ve never heard of The Kindness Rock Project, it’s is a viral trend where people, commonly children, paint pebbles or stones with inspirational messages or sayings. Then they leave them in out for other people to find. The intention is to spread kindness and love. So this Easter, let’s get creative and spread some love.






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